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Pencil Flipbook

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A printed copy of my Pencil flipbook

In this flipbook an animated pencil creates a cartoon monster. 30 years ago I made a flipbook called “The Pencil.” To me it was like magic seeing the drawings come to life on the page. 30 years later I decided to remake that flipbook as an adult, and this flipbook is the result!

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Check out the making of the Pencil Flipbook:


6 reviews for Pencil Flipbook

  1. Liam

    It was so funny I got this and I pretended I got bit but I scratched my finger on metal when I dropped the flipbook and my finger started bleeding my cousin actually thought that was why my finger was bleeding so she was scared to flip it

  2. Shane

    Its soooo good i cant stop watching the video

  3. Kenzie


  4. Logan


  5. justin

    i watched this video too with this


    Its gr8

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