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Grumpy Cloud Flipbook

(6 customer reviews)


A printed copy of my Grumpy Cloud flipbook

In this flipbook see how a little girl copes with a grumpy cloud who wants to ruin her day. One day my family and I were driving in the car, and someone made a comment about a gloomy cloud following a person. That comment gave me a flash of an idea for an animation, and the Grumpy Cloud flipbook was born! This was the first flipbook I had made in a long time, and I learned a lot making it. *This flipbook is already included in the Flipbook Kit.

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My Grumpy Cloud flipbook video


6 reviews for Grumpy Cloud Flipbook

  1. Jase

    I’m actually working on a flipbook that will be submitted in you’re next end of year flipbook fest, so hope me good luck!!!

  2. Sharjeel

    this site is amazing

  3. Katana

    The Best

  4. Parker Lindsay

    This is really cool. I love the art in the flipbooks and in the future, I want to make flipbooks myself.

  5. Lena


  6. Hello


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