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Grumpy Cloud Flipbook

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A printed copy of my Grumpy Cloud flipbook

In this flipbook see how a little girl copes with a grumpy cloud who wants to ruin her day. One day my family and I were driving in the car, and someone made a comment about a gloomy cloud following a person. That comment gave me a flash of an idea for an animation, and the Grumpy Cloud flipbook was born! This was the first flipbook I had made in a long time, and I learned a lot making it. *This flipbook is already included in the Flipbook Kit.

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My Grumpy Cloud flipbook video


4 reviews for Grumpy Cloud Flipbook

  1. Katana

    The Best

  2. Parker Lindsay

    This is really cool. I love the art in the flipbooks and in the future, I want to make flipbooks myself.

  3. Lena


  4. Hello


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