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Andymation’s Starter Flipbook Kit

(46 customer reviews)


The Official Andymation Flipbook Kit for kids and adults includes everything you need to make your own flipbooks.
  • Custom LED Light Pad, designed specifically for flipbooks
  • Premium Pre-drilled Flipbook Paper
  • Each kit makes 3 standard size flipbooks
  • Binding Screws
  • Instruction Booklet

In stock

Andymation’s Starter Flipbook Kit is compact and includes everything you need to start making your own flipbooks. These are the essentials!

What is the first thing you need in a Starter Flipbook Kit? Paper of course! So, you’ll get three single packs of Andymation’s Premium Flipbook Paper, which is absolutely perfect for “onion skinning” and has excellent thickness for smooth flipping with minimal blur. My paper is pre-drilled and fits precisely on the Light Pad’s registration pegs.

Second, you need my Light Pad. What’s a Light Pad? I’m glad you asked! It’s one of the most helpful tools--it’s like a very small “light table” for tracing over your previous drawings. It allows you to see through to your previous drawings, make gradual changes, and keep your animation consistent from page to page. My Light Pad features two precise registration pegs, which make it super easy to keep your pages lined up while you draw. The pegs are optimally placed for easy page swapping. The Light Pad has two brightness settings, is powered by standard USB, and features warm white light, which is easier on your eyes. This is exactly what I use in all of my YouTube videos, and it’s the best light pad you can get for flip book making.

Instructions? Double check! And finally, you need binding screws for when your flipbooks are finished and ready to show off. That’s my Starter Flipbook Kit--it’s everything you need to get started!


46 reviews for Andymation's Starter Flipbook Kit

  1. Wyatt

    I love your videos and flip books!!!

  2. Melissa Rak

    Hello Andy! My daughter is a fan of your art work. I watched a couple of vids with her and ur work was amazing! Maybe you could sell some pencils for the flip books?

  3. The flipbook master

    I haven’t bought it, but it was..THE MOST AWESOMEST KIT EVER!!! Keep it up!

  4. Giusseppe

    i likey likey

  5. normalname

    best flipbook kit ever! I love it! Thank you!!!

  6. VIKTOR BERTA (verified owner)

    The flip book kit is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I made my first flip book and it’s called Kablooie!

  7. Abby Bronkay

    wonderful kit, thanks

  8. Mateo

    The kit is really helpful

  9. Charlie Creech

    I am SO happy about my Andymation Flipbook Kit. I watch your videos and was impressed by your talent, so I bought the kit and some COPIC markers and got to work! Now I’m nearly with my first Andymation flipbook and can’t wait to make more. Definitely recommend to anyone who’s into art. Just hope your 8x Paper Pack is back in stock soon so I can grab more paper and make more ambition projects!

  10. Chasen Craft

    I love it so much! And thank you so much for it!!!! <3

  11. Abhyanshi Pal

    My Name is Abhyanshi. I am from India. I want to buy ANDYMATION’S STARTER FLIPBOOK KIT. But it is out of stock. Request you to kindly let me know when it is available for buying so that i can purchase and make my own first flip book. I am just 7 years old girl.

  12. Jacob

    so good. Very useful and compact. I love how it comes with the pegs on the LED pad. Plus with out it I’m trash at making flipbooks without it.Thankyou Andy.

  13. Jacob

    so good. Very useful and compact.I love how it comes with the pegs on the LED pad. Plus with out it I’m trash at making flipbooks without it.Thankyou Andy.

  14. Anum

    This is he best flipbook kit i could find and i’m so happy i bought it for my daughter she loves watching you vidios Andy! And thank you so much for inspiring my daughter!

  15. Kang Jia Yi

    I know for a fact that it is going to be good, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be back in stock :(. My parents say that I can get whatever I want for Christmas, so I chose this.

  16. you will never know

    amazing i made spider man swing

  17. Timothy

    WOW I didn’t know that it was so cheap

  18. Noah

    Amazing product definitely worth the money!!!!

  19. Tafseer


  20. Tafseer

    Awesome! This thing really helped me get the hang of making flipbooks! Keep up the great job.

  21. Mark

    This set is amazing, I cannot get enough of it and I’m buying refills on my 2nd day.

  22. Davit (Fixon)

    I didn’t buy it but I’m 100% sure it’s going to be awesome

  23. Jacob

    My goodness how did you make this?!!??!
    I’m so impressed!

  24. Freddie

    Oh my lord this is amazing how do you even make that?!!?
    And it’s so easy and fun

  25. Alexia

    Very good things to help u master doing flipbooks easier without it I’m so bad but luckily I bought it and it helped me doing flipbooks.Could not be more happier.

  26. Stephanie Aguilar

    Love It.. you are awesome!!

  27. I can’t really say my name

    I have mo idea how it feels to be good at drawing but due to all of these reviews it makes me think that this thing is going to be good.

  28. Jack S.

    This is super cool! I enjoy making flip books and this truly makes it easier! I hope you can continue to sell these!

  29. lilly

    wow so good bruh

  30. Ryder

    Wow! I love it. Thank you, Andy!

  31. Indi

    Amazing! Highly Recommend. 😁 Very Happy With My Purchase

  32. paige

    it is so good

  33. Porter

    I love this kit! It makes it so much easier to animate, and is one of my personal favorite ways to animate! Thanks, Andy!

  34. Billy K (verified owner)

    Awesome flip book kit

  35. julia

    so good! i loved making the flip books

  36. No one

    I like it

  37. soul sander

    i was just useing my glass table and a flash light to make my flipbooks. Thanks, andy

  38. Jolie

    i really love this! for weeks i’ve been wanting to make good flip books and now i can finally make them!

  39. Sam

    its fun thank you

  40. sam

    love it

  41. Kyle

    Amazing kitt

  42. Benjamin

    This is great but why is it Expensive? Without it, im trash at Making flipbooks

  43. Dan (verified owner)

    Love it, really bright and easy to use. Love the pegs to keep the paper in place, looking forward to creating many books.

  44. jules

    great price for all of this Custom LED Light Pad, designed specifically for flip books Premium Pre-drilled Flip book Paper Each kit makes 3
    standard size flip books Binding Screws Pencil and an Instruction Booklet.

  45. John

    I got the previous version of this kit, his one looks even better!

  46. Gatik s

    wow so good bruho

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