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Andymation’s Starter Flipbook Kit

(10 customer reviews)


The Official Andymation Flipbook Kit for kids and adults includes everything you need to make your own flipbooks.
  • Custom LED Light Pad, designed specifically for flipbooks
  • Premium Pre-drilled Flipbook Paper
  • Each kit makes 3 standard size flipbooks
  • Binding Screws
  • Pencil
  • Instruction Booklet

Andymation’s Starter Flipbook Kit is compact and includes everything you need to start making your own flipbooks. These are the essentials!

What is the first thing you need in a Starter Flipbook Kit? Paper of course! So, you’ll get three single packs of Andymation’s Premium Flipbook Paper, which is absolutely perfect for “onion skinning” and has excellent thickness for smooth flipping with minimal blur. My paper is pre-drilled and fits precisely on the Light Pad’s registration pegs.

Second, you need my Light Pad. What’s a Light Pad? I’m glad you asked! It’s one of the most helpful tools--it’s like a very small “light table” for tracing over your previous drawings. It allows you to see through to your previous drawings, make gradual changes, and keep your animation consistent from page to page. My Light Pad features two precise registration pegs, which make it super easy to keep your pages lined up while you draw. The pegs are optimally placed for easy page swapping. The Light Pad has two brightness settings, is powered by standard USB, and features warm white light, which is easier on your eyes. This is exactly what I use in all of my YouTube videos, and it’s the best light pad you can get for flip book making.

Instructions? Double check! And finally, you need binding screws for when your flipbooks are finished and ready to show off. That’s my Starter Flipbook Kit--it’s everything you need to get started!


10 reviews for Andymation's Starter Flipbook Kit

  1. Porter

    I love this kit! It makes it so much easier to animate, and is one of my personal favorite ways to animate! Thanks, Andy!

  2. Billy K (verified owner)

    Awesome flip book kit

  3. Sam

    its fun thank you

  4. sam

    love it

  5. Kyle

    Amazing kitt

  6. Benjamin

    This is great but why is it Expensive? Without it, im trash at Making flipbooks

  7. Dan (verified owner)

    Love it, really bright and easy to use. Love the pegs to keep the paper in place, looking forward to creating many books.

  8. jules

    great price for all of this Custom LED Light Pad, designed specifically for flip books Premium Pre-drilled Flip book Paper Each kit makes 3
    standard size flip books Binding Screws Pencil and an Instruction Booklet.

  9. John

    I got the previous version of this kit, his one looks even better!

  10. Gatik s

    wow so good bruho

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