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Andymation’s Signature Flipbook Kit

(13 customer reviews)


Andymation Signature Flipbook Kit, flipbook signed by Andy Bailey, 2 different sizes of flipbook paper (XL and Standard) and Binding Screws, special edition Grumpy Cloud Eraser, Custom Andymation 0.9m mechanical pencil, extra 0.9mm lead, rubber eraser, Light Pad, 3m cord for the Light Pad
  • Andymation Special Edition Kit with a signed flipbook (The Pencil) by Andy!
  • Includes two sizes of flipbook paper, Standard and XL.
  • Includes a collectible eraser of the Andymation Grumpy Cloud character.
  • Andymation light pad
  • Andymation 0.9mm mechanical pencil and extra lead
  • Block eraser
  • Includes 16 Snap Screws, 16 studs, and 1 Snap Screw Tool for binding your flipbooks together
  • Instruction booklet
  • Makes up to 8 flipbooks

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Official Andymation Signature Flipbook Kit for Kids & Adults for Drawing Animation, Premium Pre-drilled Flip Book Paper, Removable Binding Screws, Custom Erasers, Signed Flipbook

13 reviews for Andymation's Signature Flipbook Kit

  1. Knox

    OMG this will be awesome for making flipbooks! I cant wait to get it! ( oh wait i have to wait.)

  2. William Vorce (verified owner)

    My son loves your signature series flip book kit! Great quality and care in the packaging and design! Would highly recommend! He loves your channel as well! Quality product! Thanks!

  3. cant


  4. Mayzie

    This is AWESOME! I 100% recommended you buy this! It is a AMAZING box and it comes with the COOLEST things! Thank you Andy!

  5. Reed (verified owner)

    It is amazing it comes with everything you could physically and mentally need for a Flip Book,I’m animating with the kit whilst typing the review,I would of given it 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars but it does not let me.

  6. Jackson

    This is great if you want to get into flip books!!

  7. Captain Bolt

    I absolutely LOVE IT! I’m excited to start making lots of flipbooks! Thank you Andy!

  8. Captain Bolt

    I LOVE IT SO MUCH! It has everything thing I need! I’m excited to make lots of flipbooks with this! I love that there is an extra size of paper, and a cord for the light pad that’s just the right size. I will also cherish the signed Pencil flipbook forever! Thank you, Andy!

  9. Kyler Morris

    Love the kit

  10. Kyler Morris

    I first wanted his starter kit and then after watching the video, I immediately asked my mom to buy it The reasons are there was a sign flipbook, and I love andymation so much because His vids are so great and all the features.I love the kit.

  11. Lebron James

    Amazing I loved playing with it!

  12. Tiffany Mancino

    The best thing EVER THANK YOU ANDY

  13. Tiffany Mancino

    Just amazing

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