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I fell in love with the magic of animation as a kid and have been doing it ever since

As a kid my imagination lit up as I made countless flipbooks, experimented with stop-motion, and studied drawing. In college I studied filmmaking and began working professionally as a stop-motion animator. Eventually I was lucky enough to animate on four of Laika’s Oscar-nominated movies, including Missing Link, ParaNorman, The Boxtrolls, and Kubo and the Two Strings. I love animating, directing, and writing. I live near Portland, Oregon with my wife and three boys, and they are the absolute best.


A few years ago my wife Laurie had the brilliant idea for me to create a kit for making flipbooks. And I am glad she did! I love flipbook animation because it is 100% accessible. You don’t need a computer, you don’t need a tablet, you don’t need a screen at all. Anyone can do it (and if you’re anything like me you’ve probably tried it at some point on the corner pages of a text book.) Despite its simplicity, there is something completely magical about it; you make a few drawings, flip the paper, and your scribbles come to life right in front of your eyes. I love it.

The Starter Flipbook Kit

So Laurie and I set out together designing the perfect kit for making flipbooks. I spent three years prototyping the ideal light pad for tracing. We made prototype after prototype and kept tweaking and refining. I tested loads of different paper stock until I found just the right paper. We made custom-sized binding posts. And we were obsessive about our packaging. Eventually we ran a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for manufacturing, and… failed. Yup, our Kickstarter failed. But we were not deterred! My YouTube channel was growing quickly. So we started over again, ran a new Kickstarter campaign, and the second time around… succeeded! With funding in hand we were finally able to manufacture our first huge batch of Flipbook Kits. And now–one long road later–here we are! We’ve sold thousands of our original Flipbook Kit all over the world, and now we’re excited to introduce our brand new Starter Flipbook Kit.

Andymation Flipbook Starter Kit with Snap Screws - About Andy Page Version
Using the Andymation Starter Flipbook Kit

I love how our new Starter Kit has turned out, and I hope that by using it, your imagination will light up just like mine did.

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